SINK MF is Center-Mebel's proprietary, R&D-developed, innovative technology. It has been awarded the industry's most prestigious award - the Furniture Diamond - and is also registered under patent number 236399.

Our proprietary service is an alternative to expensive materials like stone countertops, which we replace with easily accessible and attractively priced chipboard countertops. SINK MF are nothing more than sinks suspended in a laminated particleboard countertop in such a way that the surface between the sink and the countertop forms a single, perfectly smooth surface. The lack of distinctive joints guarantees ease of cleaning while providing water resistance and a striking appearance.

Center-Mebel's rich color range of Egger chipboard countertops and FRANKE sinks allow you to create the beautiful yet functional kitchen space of your dreams.

With SINK MF you get the comfort of use combined with modern design.

How to Order
Step 1

Log in to our Shopping Platform.

The registration verification process may take up to 24 hours. During the verification, any individual discounts will be applied.

Step 2

Navigate to the 'Configurators' tab and choose the 'Countertops Configurator'.

Step 3

Select the type of countertop and follow the instructions.

Specify the shape and dimensions of the countertop. Choose the material, edges, and corners.

Step 4

Proceed to step number 5

Choose the number of sinks, then select its model and specify the exact location of the sink.

Step 5

Proceed to the project cost estimation.

The Purchasing Platform will calculate the total cost of all service elements.

Step 6

Pay for the items in the cart or continue ordering other products.

Add the order to the cart and choose the type of delivery and payment. You can also continue shopping by adding other products to the cart.