Center-Mebel is wholesalers operating for nearly 30 years in northeastern Poland, offering a wide range of furniture boards and furniture fittings from global manufacturers, as well as a wide range of services for the furniture industry.
  • Support and Inspiration for Professionals: Center-Mebel inspires and supports carpenters, architects, and investors by providing modern technological and product solutions for homes, offices, apartments, and commercial facilities.
  • Personalized Products and Convenient Online Ordering: Thanks to the Shopping Platform, customers can order personalized products quickly and conveniently, using the extensive configurators."
  • Long-term Market Presence and High Product Quality: The company has been operating in the Polish market since 1996, gaining experience and a wide range of satisfied customers thanks to the high quality of its products.
  • Specialization in the Distribution of Premium Brands: Center-Mebel specializes in the distribution of premium brand products such as Arpa, Cleaf, Egger, Fenix, BLUM, CitterioGiulio, Inoxa, and others, enabling the provision of the highest quality materials to customers.
  • Innovative Technologies and Company's Original Solutions: The company offers innovative technologies, such as CookTop MF and SINK MF, as well as proprietary solutions, including the Shopping Platform and the CM CORPUS program for professionals.
  • Comprehensive Services and Individual Approach: Center-Mebel offers comprehensive services for the processing of boards and furniture elements, innovative technologies and creative solutions, approaching each project individually and fulfilling both single orders and numerous series.
  • Recognized Partner in the Furniture Industry: The company is esteemed in the industry for connecting and inspiring specialists, as confirmed by numerous industry successes and the satisfaction of business partners.
Company's Original Solutions
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