We have been creating the market for over 25 years.

With many years of experience and professional robotic and automated production lines, Center-Mebel provides numerous services for the B2B sector. So far, over 8 million records have experienced our services! Their type and scope is selected individually for each project. Among the services you will find:

  • cutting furniture elements using the most modern numerical machines;
  • veneering furniture elements with the adhesive method (EVA, PUR, jointless method – laser edges) curvilinear veneering of furniture elements and chipboard tops;
  • machining of furniture elements “CNC” (5 axes) with an aggregate for curvilinear PUR gluing;
  • finishing deep structural boards in the quality of the front;
  • processing of wood-based materials such as plywood, MDF or compact;
  • production of furniture fronts (e.g. laser edge technology, 45° finish with glass-like effect).

Center-Mebel, meeting the expectations of the market, also offers a tool that allows you to design your own space, furniture solids, chipboard and compact HPL kitchen worktops. The proprietary system is a simple and intuitive configurator that allows the customer to visualize and personalize the product. He creates his order online, specifying the appearance and price of the furniture, and information about the new order is immediately transferred to production. The configurator allows you to optimize your time and create a perfectly dreamed space.



Innovative service of facing the cooktop flush with the countertop chipboard. Modern and stylish design while maintaining a A high standard of hygiene.


Proprietary technology The perfectly flat surface of the post-formed chipboard top with the overhead sink.

Our Products

We are a leading supplier of products and solutions for the furniture industry. We specialize in the distribution of the highest quality products at an affordable price. In our offer you will find materials for the production of furniture and interior finishing. Our competitive advantage is manifested, among others, in: in the rich and quickly available offer of boards, worktops and furniture fronts by Egger, Arpa, Fenix, Wilsonart. Among the numerous furniture accessories you will find INOXA cargo baskets, Blum and Sevroll mounting systems, furniture handles of Polish and Italian recognized brands and many other fascinating items.

Check out our wide range in one of our branches or in our online store.


Eco-friendly fronds made from a blend of 6 100% natural ingredients:
resin pine, dust stone, dust wood, jute, seeds flax, natural dyes. A full collection of 9 decors in Earth colors.


Fronts covered with ultra-strong, scratch-resistant laminate with a thickness of
3 mm in a polished glass effect finish.

laserline zdj


Fronts finished with laser edging in adhesive jointless technology. A full collection of 35 decors.

Compact 12mm

Arpa Industriale’s innovative materials. A stock collection of 11 decors. Prim and standard processing capability.


A great alternative to a high-gloss finish is a matte surface, which is becoming more and more common in exclusive interiors. Collection of 21 colors.