Fronts from MF collection

The unusual effect of satin glass

Satin Glass is the perfect combination of aesthetic lightness and solid workmanship. Also known as “organic glass” because it combines silicone powder with clear, transparent PMMA. It restores the aesthetics of glass anew, creating an even more authentic solution.

The new generation of organic glass becomes an ideal support for creating designer furniture, which reflects the accents of Venetian glass art.

Unusual glass effect for furniture

SATIN GLASS restores the aesthetics of glass and at the same time takes over its features and parameters: transparency, brilliance and opacity, with a number of significant advantages in terms of strength and safety: it is unbreakable, resistant to scratches, impacts, abrasions, chemicals and UV radiation. One material, many benefits: it is hygienic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, easy to clean, practical in terms of use and maintenance.

Matte and glossy finish

Available in gloss and anti-fingerprint matte finish, SATIN GLASS is scratch, chemical and temperature resistant. In addition to being unbreakable and much lighter than glass, its surface makes it practical and easy to clean.

Fronts from MF collection

Fronts made of ultra-strong, scratch-resistant 3 mm material with a effect of glass finish. Collection of 12 colors.



Easy to clean

Super matte anti-fingerprint

Low VOCs emissions

Lighter than glass

Scratch resistant